Michael Jane congratulates MISS USSR UK

After a remarkable journey for accomplished women from post – Soviet states competing for the winning title, Miss Angelina Chobanyan was newly crowned. As the official sponsor for Miss USSR UK, Michael Jane was a critical partner, ensuring all contestants were provided the best haircare and styling services.

The renowned team of Michael Jane worked diligently backstage to design show-stopping hairstyles that empowered each contestant to feel her most confident as she competed for the crown. The Artists were able to create flawless looks from curls and waves to perfectly straight.

Michael Jane is truly honoured to be involved in a competition made up of strong, young women striving to change the beauty narrative. Michael Jane is inspired by each contestant’s determination to make an impact in the world and humbled to play a role in their journey.

As the official haircare sponsor, MJ was proud to satisfy the hair care and styling needs of the diverse group of women who participated in this prestigious pageant.

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