We offer both hot and strip waxing. Hot wax contains beeswax which once applied, sets to room temperature. The wax is removed causing little discomfort as it adheres to the hair rather than the skin and the area will then remain smooth for three to four weeks. Best suited for smaller areas.

Strip wax is applied sparingly with a spatula and removed straight away using a fabric or paper strip. It is very easy to control the application making it ideal for facial hair removal. Sometimes slight reddening may appear to the skin but this fades in a few hours.

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Michael Jane
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Our Rates

Women's WaxingHot WaxStrip Wax
Full Leg (30 mins)-£29.50
Full Leg + Bikini (45 mins)-£38.50
Full Leg + Brazilian (1hr 15 mins)-£51.00
Full Leg + Hollywood (1hr 15 mins)-£55.00
Half Leg (Upper) (15 mins)-£25.00
Half Leg (15 mins)-£23.00
Bikini (15 mins)£19.00£15.00
Extended Bikini (15 mins)£18.50£17.50
Brazlian Bikini (30 mins)£29.50£28.00
Hollywood Bikini (30 mins)£35.00£33.00
Buttocks (15 mins)-£24.00
Full Arm (30 mins)-£23.00
Half Arm (15 mins)-£18.00
Under Arms (15 mins)£15.00£13.00
Lip (15 mins)£13.00£12.00
Chin (15 mins)£13.00£12.00
Lip + Chin (15 mins)£20.00£18.00
Full face-£28.00
Full face and eyebrows-£39.00
Men's WaxingHot WaxStrip Wax
Full Leg (45 mins)-£34.00
Full Arm (30 mins)-£28.00
Back (30 mins)-£33.00
Shoulders (15 mins)-£17.50
Neck (15 mins)-£12.00
Back / Shoulders + Neck (45 mins)-£47.00
Chest (15 mins)-£23.00
Abdomen (15 mins)-£17.50
Chest + Abdomen (30 mins)-£31.00
Buttocks (15 mins)-£24.00
Full face-£28.00
Full face and eyebrows-£39.00
Removes the hair from its root easily and quickly. The regrowth is less and finer in texture therefore the length of time between treatments increases after each waxing.
by Lara Cranfield on Michael Jane
Amazing result after just one session!! Great customer service and affordable prices!! Definitely recommend!!

Amazing result after just one session!

Great customer service and affordable prices. Shiv gave me a fabulous deal.

Thanks Michael Jane.

by Debbie on Michael Jane

Just back from visiting Michael Jane this afternoon and the lovely Anett. This was my first visit and therefore I was able to take advantage of the generous welcome offer of 50% off and I am so pleased I did. Anett made me feel welcome from 'hello'. Her professional skills are second to none, with such attention to detail. I am thrilled with both my pedicure and manicure and will definitely go back.

by Jasmine Silver on Michael Jane

I recently had a manicure and pedicure done by Anett. Not only was the manicure exactly what I needed for my holiday- long lasting and professional- But I also enjoyed the medispa which was very relaxing. This turned my short manicure/pedicure trip into a mini-spa experience.

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